We are lifelong horsemen serving the needs of both experienced horsemen and newcomers to the industry. Located in easy access of major farms and racing centers in the Mid-Atlantic and North East, we can represent you at auctions or as an agent or principal in private purchases off the farm or at the racetrack. We always have an inventory of well-bred and conformed Stallion prospects, Broodmare prospects, and Infoal broodmares at the farm. With contacts throughout the United States, we also offer representation at the major Kentucky, Maryland, California and Florida sales. As a full service agency, we will assist you in the vetting, insurance, and transportation of your purchases. We also have access to the major pedigree authorities in North America - such as Werk Thoroughbred Consultants, Inc. in California and Alan Porter Pedigree Research in New York - and can arrange pedigree analysis for you on an individual basis and at a special rate.

Edward Price, president of Mohns Hill, leads the team of experienced horsemen who are available to assist you. An excellent judge of conformation and commercial pedigree, Ed has been buying and selling horses for more than 25 years and has a spotless reputation. He is a fixture at the major bloodstock sales and has contacts with major players in the industry. You can contact Ed directly at eprice5022@aol.com. All correspondence is confidential.